Défis Bâtiment Santé 2017 – In’Air Solutions laureate

During the “Défis Bâtiment Santé 2017“ symposium held at the Science & Industry City (PARIS), there were several trophies to be won.

In the innovative indoor air quality measures category, there were 9 contenders. The jury composed of several professionals in the sector to face quality products.

The major criteria for the analysis of the jurors were:

  • Innovative and recent
  • Expected health benefits
  • Reliability of evidence
  • Exemplary, feasibility, replicability, reasonable applicability

In’Air Solutions thus won the building trophy with formaldehyde analyzer. It offers the ability to easily and confidently measure formaldehyde concentrations in real time in the field with a continuous display of results.

The jury appreciated its measurement reliability and the work of the collaborative project that was carried out. But also its interest in the validation or calibration of formaldehyde sensors.

For more information: http://www.defisbatimentsante.fr/

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