In’Air Solutions at Atmos’Fair 2017

In’Air Solutions will be present at Atmos’Fair 2017.

We will present our devices:

The sampling case 4WAYS-1

The formaldehyde analyzer μF-1

The BTEX μBTEX-1 analyzer


Atmos'Fair - In'air Solutions - Présentation de Claire TROCQUET


Atmos’Fair 2017

The knowledge and the control of the rejections are part of the major environmental stakes of our century.

As such, the formation of different pollutants, their measurements and the possibilities of treatment must be known, assimilated, qualified and communicated.

A global vision is necessary: ​​the reduction of NOx emissions directly impacts the olfactory sensation, a smoke treatment can be analyzed under the different facets of its action, the treatment technologies evolve and must be supported in their development.

Atmos’Fair 2017 wants to gather around the same event actors in the treatment of air pollution: measurement of pollutants and daily assessment of air quality (choice of materials for the quality of the air). indoor air) to air purification techniques (treatment of industrial pollution in the end), through the management of odor pollution and pollution peaks (cleaning technologies in the environment).

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The detailed intervention program for Atmos’Fair 2017: HERE



Biomass Combustion, Agriculture, Energy, Industry and Indoor Environments


Sanitary, environmental, industrial, agricultural …


Tools, modeling, audit and expertisee


Technical, organizational and operational


Collective and individual actions, preventive behavior

Feedback from France and abroad


As an expert in indoor air quality, In’Air Solutions will be working on Atmos’Fair 2017 in two different ways.

First, we will make an intervention on the subject:

“From the expression of a need to the field solution: all stages of the development of a formaldehyde analyzer. Collaboration between a public research organization and a start-up “

Speakers will be Claire TRCOQUET & Khalid EL GERSIFI

Second, we will present a booth to showcase our innovative indoor air quality meters.

There will be :

BTEX Analyzer

Formaldehyde Analyzer

Sampler Case





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