The new certification for indoor air quality

The WHO reports nearly 20,000 premature deaths caused and socio-economic costs (care coverage, loss of productivity …) estimated at 19 billion euros. All this due to poor indoor air quality.

Professionals are therefore asked to commit themselves, especially on new housing.

It is therefore at the initiative of the Association for Indoor Air Quality (APQAI), that the label INTAIRIEUR was born!


According to the Observatory of Indoor Air Quality, indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air! If we add to that that we spend more than 80% in closed places. Indoor air is more than a concern!


Issued by an ad hoc body called Immolab, this label offers a simple and reliable reference system that allows to set up a quality display recognized by both professionals and the general public.


Their commitment to Air Quality in buildings thus becomes a distinctive element that can be valued by local authorities and developers as well as by users and future purchasers.


The application for certification is formulated by the developer before the filing of the building permit. An authorized auditor controls the operation in program, design and reception phases and at the request of the contracting authority during execution. At the end of this protocol, the label is issued to the owner.

The main requirements of this label are:

  • The signing of a QAI site charter by the companies.
  • Improving summer thermal comfort and combating the urban heat island effect
  • An “IAQ measurement campaign at reception
  • The control of the proper operation of the ventilation during its operation and measurement of the airtightness of the networks


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