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Five pollutants are taken into account: suspended particles (PM2.5 and PM10), ground-level ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). The Agency then determines a “European index of air quality”. It comes on a scale of five levels, each with a color

In 2014, pollution caused the premature death of 520,400 people before the age of 65 in the 41 countries of the European continent. Fine particles alone would be responsible for 428,000 premature deaths in Europe, nitrogen dioxide for 78,000 premature deaths and ozone for 14,000.

Germany is the most affected country with 81,160 premature deaths. Follow-up of Italy and the United Kingdom. With 48 690 premature deaths, Poland is represented in relation to its population. France follows with 48,840 deaths.

The latest EEA annual air quality report shows that most citizens living in European cities continue to be exposed to levels of pollution deemed harmful by the World Health Organization.

The most harmful pollutant, PM2.5, caused the premature death of around 400 000 Europeans in 2014.

According to the report, air pollution also has a significant impact on the economy as it increases medical costs and decreases worker productivity. It has a detrimental effect on soils, crops, forests, lakes and rivers. Road transport, agriculture, power plants, the industrial sector and households are the main emitters of air pollutants in Europe.


European Union legislation sets the air quality standards for both the short term (per hour / day) and the long term (per year).


Users can enlarge the map or search for a city or region of Europe to check air quality and pollutant measurements. The index presents an overall assessment for each monitoring station, with a colored dot on the map, which is the worst assessment for any of the five pollutants.


The Agency has also published country-specific fact sheets presenting an annual summary of air pollution and its impacts in EEA member countries.

These fact sheets provide more detailed information on air pollutant emissions and air quality by country. They complement the “EFA annual report “Air quality in Europe – 2017 report” and published in October.

European Environment Agency
Agence européenne pour l'environnement - Qualité de l'air / Air quality

Plume Labs is already broadcasting air quality results at several stations in major cities around the world, based on World Health Organization criteria.

The World Air Quality Index project also broadcasts a real-time map, based on the level of six pollutants (including carbon monoxide).

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