BTEX Analyzer

The BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes) analyzer In’Air µBTEX-1 enable accurate, on-site, in real time analysis to:

– Identify peaks and sources of pollution

– Follow the concentration in correlation with the activity 

– Analyze materials emission

– Optimize ventilation

This innovative and high performance analyzer is portable, suitable for on-site campaigns with the reliability of laboratory devices.

Fast and accurate measurements

Analysis time: 10 min

Detection limit: 1 ppb (benzene)

Good autonomy

Very low consumption of carrier gas (N2):

3 weeks of autonomy with a bottle of gas vector (34L)

Battery life (4h)

Quick and easy implementation

Compact & low weight (6 Kg)

Easy calibration on the field (BTEX or Toluene)

Smart embedded software

Integrated touch screen

2 use modes: standard and expert

Programming of automated sequences

Real time results

Innovation from academic research

Patented technology

Supported by the European Union and several innovation programs