The Formaldehyde Analyzer makes it possible to:

Conduct accurate on-site analyzes of pollutant exposure to building occupants

Identify peaks and sources of pollution

Control emissions of materials

Optimize ventilation

To put in place good practices

It has been designed for continuous measurement of formaldehyde.

This innovative high performance device is just as suitable for laboratory analysis as it is for land campaigns.


Video showing the different fields of application of the formaldehyde analyzer. In this case, it has been used to measure indoor air pollution within a workspace in a workspace.

Fast and accurate measurements

Response time: 10 min

Detection limit: 1 ppb

No interfering

Great autonomy

Battery life (2h)

Quick and easy implementation

Compact & lightweight (6 Kg)

Implementation in less than 5 minutes

No carrier gas

Smart embedded programmable software

Color touch screen with 2 modes (standard / expert)

Real time results

Computer software “In’Air Manager”

Complementary computer software for efficient and simple data processing

Innovation resulting from academic research

French academic research (University of Strasbourg)

Supported by the European Union and several innovation programs


The device is a product of the “In’Air Analyzer” range. It is a turnkey analyzer, fully automated and continuously analyze the formaldehyde present in the air.

This micro analyzer realizes as functions:

– Sample
– Data analysis
– Data Management

This is done in a simple and completely autonomous way.

Analyseur Formaldéhyde avec sa mallette de transport et ses accessoires.

Mallette de transport de l'analyseur de Formaldéhyde

Analyseur de formaldéhyde - Vue de gauche

Analyseur de Formaldéhyde - Vue de gauche avec les connecteurs visibles

capture d'écran de l'analyseur de formaldéhyde

Capture d'écran de l'analyseur de formaldéhyde

Here are different angles of views of the formaldehyde analyzer as well as screenshots.