The Formaldehyde analyzer In’Air µF-1 enable accurate, on-site, in real time analysis of formaldehyde to:

-Identify peaks and sources of pollution

-follow the concentration in correlation with the activity 

-Analyze materials emission

-Optimize ventilation

This innovative and high performance analyzer is portable, suitable for on-site campaigns with the reliability of laboratory devices.

Qualité de l'air intérieur - Analyseur Formaldéhyde

Fast and accurate measurements

Response time: 10 min

Detection limit: 1 μg / m-3

No interfence

Good autonomy

Battery life (2h)

Quick and easy implementation

Compact & low weight (6 Kg)

Implementation in less than 5 minutes

Easy calibration on the field

No carrier gas

Smart embedded software


2 modes of use: standard and expert

Programming of automated sequences

Real time results

Computer Software “In’Air Manager”

Complementary computer software on Windows for efficient and simple data retreatment

Innovation from academic research

Patented technology

Supported by the European Union and several innovation programs

Analyseur Formaldéhyde avec sa mallette de transport et ses accessoires.

Mallette de transport de l'analyseur de Formaldéhyde

Analyseur de formaldéhyde - Vue de gauche

Analyseur de Formaldéhyde - Vue de gauche avec les connecteurs visibles

capture d'écran de l'analyseur de formaldéhyde

Capture d'écran de l'analyseur de formaldéhyde