It is important to continuously analyze indoor air quality!

Offices, workshops, production lines … VOCs are everywhere but some are more dangerous than others !!

Formaldehyde & Benzene

They are both classified as carcinogens known to humans according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer

(More information on their website)

Further information on Occupational Exposure Limit Values ​​for Formaldehyde and Benzene

Article R4412-149

Our Formaldehyde analyzers and BTEX analyzers

In real-time, air pollutant concentrations can be accurately analyzed and sources of pollution can be found to reduce the risk of exposure in the workplace.


Analysis of formaldehyde in an open space

Our indoor air analyzers

The first two products come from the “In’Air Analyzer” range, which are turnkey analyzers and fully automated. They allow manufacturers to analyze indoor air quality continuously and in real time.

There is a BTEX analyzer and a Formaldehyde analyzer.

The latest product comes from the “In’Air Sampler” range.

It is an air sampling pump on cartridges and it allows to analyze the VOCs present in the inside air. Its automation as well as its complete parameterization of autonomous material make it a high-end product. It allows manufacturers to plan different samplings without personnel necessarily present. All brands of cartridges are compatible with this air sampling pump. This includes taking the samples according to the reference method.